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The Mandolean® Clinics offers treatment for overweight and obesity according to the Mandolean® method.

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At the Mandolean® Clinics we focus on how we eat rather than what we eat. Constant dieting comes from a personality trait that increases the risk of developing obesity, and it can be controlled with Mandolean® treatment. By changing your eating behavior, your thoughts and feelings in food-related situations also changes.

In the same way as we use aids like alarm-clocks, mobile telephones and cars in everyday life, some people need technical assistance to eat normally and we provide that help with the Mandometer®
device. Throughout the treatment, you will not feel hungry as you lose weight. Neither calorie counting, nor restricting you to specific foods is required to lose weight with our program.

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The Mandolean® Clinics

Mandolean® treatment is offered at tre clinics in Sweden.

Our treatment

Read more about our program for weight loss, along with our medical device, Mandometer®, which is used for normalizing eating behavior and satiety.

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You can ask Dr. Cecilia any question about obesity and Mandolean treatment. She is online to answer your questions at any time of day.