Our treatment method

Our starting point is that man is adapted to starvation from a developmental biological point of view since many thousands of years and lacks the capacity to resist today's easy access to food. We suppose that overweight is a behavioral problem which can be treated by teaching the patients how to eat. In the same way as we use technical aids such as alarm-clocks, mobile telephones and cars in everyday life, some people need technical assistance to eat normally.


During Mandolean® treatment, the patients needn't feel hungry when their bodyweight decreases.
The treatment starts with the patient being allowed to eat the food that she/he prefers at the same time as she/he uses a SatietyMeter® and Mandometer® to learn a new eating behavior and feel satiated in the right way. Calorie counting is not needed, nor is eating only specific foods.  

The treatment´s cornerstones
  • Learning to eat normally

    Training with
  • SatietyMeter®
  • to stop snacking

    Development of an
  • individual treatment plan
  • with a personal therapist

    Follow-up for
  • five years

Patients relate

Rosie is one of those who have undergone Mandolean® treatment.

Read her story in a conversation with Cecilia Bergh, President of Mandolean AB.


Our medical devices

Mandometer® is a medical device that teaches you how to eat. SatietyMeter® is an aid that helps you to stop eating snacks.

The Mandolean® Clinics

Mandolean® treatment is offered at tre clinics in Sweden.