The Mandolean® Clinics

The Mandolean® Clinics offers treatment for overweight according to the Mandolean® method. 

We also treat eating disorders and binge eating disorders. For more information, please visit >


Here children, youths and adults can get help with their overweight problems. Dieticians, behavioral experts, nurses, assistant nurses and physicians work at our clinic.


We also carry out preventive care. We study schoolchildren's eating behavior, teach and lecture all over the world.

Our method

The Mandolean® method treats overweight and obesity by teaching patients a normal eating behavior.



Walking Tour

The Mandolean® Clinics is characterized by Scandinavian design with strict simplicity, birch-wood, organic shapes and clear, natural colours.



Are you a linear eater?

Linear eaters are not in control of their food intake and they do not slow their eating as they progress through their meal.