August 31 2016

Dr Cecilia Bergh and Professor Per Södersten received the award from the Swedish Minister of Trade Ann Linde at World Trade Day in Stockholm. The Export Pioneer award was instituted by The Foundation for Export Development and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. 

The motivation from the Jury: “The Jury finds Mando Group AB to be a very interesting company with great potential for further export endeavours. Mando Group AB offers solutions in health and well-being. The company has renewed the treatment of eating disorders with its innovative treatment, the Mandometer method.“

June 4 2016

Mandometer demonstrated at the obesity summit, EOS 2016, in Gothenburg, 1-4 June

May 262016

Mandometer at European Obesity Summit 2016
1-4 June 2016 Gothenburg, Sweden
The Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre, Svenska mässan

You will find us at H01:05. Welcome! >

May 20 2016

Cecilia Bergh, CEO of Mando Group AB, is awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015/2016
The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is an award that was instituted in 1995 by the Bolleks Knowledge Fund Foundation to deserving entrepreneurs in Sweden. It was awarded to Cecilia at a ceremony at the Gothenburg Concert Hall on Thursday, 19 May 2016

May 2 2016

Cecilia Bergh at Karolinska Institutet Science Park DAY 2016
May 9
12:30 – 17:00
For program and registration: >

April 27 2016

Eva Krutmeijer discussed her work on communicating scientific findings to the general public and to the media
All members of the Mando Board address the clinical staff and Eva’s talk was greatly appreciated.

April 20 2016

Mando scales up internationally – Digital Dr. Cecilia shows the way
Press release from Karolinska Institutet Science Park >

April 14 2016

On April 13, Per Södersten visited TEM Electronics in Istanbul, that produces Mandometer scales
The new technology makes it even easier to control your body weight.

February 3 2016

30 nutrition students from the University of Wageningen, Holland, visited Mando February 2
They listened to the theory and clinic of the treatment and appreciated not least the clinical part. Everybody is interested in under- and overweight, there were many questions.

26 November 2015

Mandometer in the Swedish magazine Filter
“Fall on deaf ears” is an article about Mandometer and eating disorder treatment in Sweden.

View article >

November 19 2015

1000 patients cured
It is actually 1106! And as only 10% of the patients relapse over five years of follow-up, 1000 patients have recovered. Mandometer celebrated the occasion with a symposium in central Stockholm. 130 participants, including basic scientists, granting agencies and health care politicians listened to three young women who have recovered and are now pursuing their education and business careers. They also heard Mandometer´s medical director in San Diego review his success in treating US-patients and the father of the first Australian patient via a video recording.

November 18 2015

– World Forum for Medicine.

You will find us at Business Sweden, Hall 01 Booth 1D18. Welcome! >

August 25 2015

We are celebrating this year that 1000 patients suffering from anorexia, bulimia and other serious eating disorders have been cured using the Mandometer method.

Juli 01 2015

International summer students from KTH visited Flemingsberg Science to hear about Mando Group´s journey from research - innovation - product. Billy Langlet presented the EU-project SPLENDID.

May 22 2015

The EU-project SPLENDID met in Wageningen, Holland, 18-19 May with its scientific advisors: Julian Shield, University of Bristol, Anton Scheurink, University of Groningen and Jaakko Tuomilehto, University of Helsinki.
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May 19 2015

Cecilia Bergh Cecilia Bergh is invited to speak at a seminar focused on the export of Swedish health care organized by Veckans Affärer and Dagens Medicin.

Thursday Maj 21, Bonnier Conference Center, Stockholm 

April 7 2015

Anna Starbrink and Daniel Forslund from the Stockholm City Council visited the Mandometer Clinic in Huddinge to learn more about our treatment and of course try the Mandometer scale.
We have had no less than four visits from politicians over this last month.
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March 13 2015

We will exhibit Mandometer5 at the American Diabetes Association EXPO New York.

Visit us at Booth #538, Javits Center
March 14 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

February 12 2015

TEM, our partner manufacturer of Mandometer generation 5, visited us for a productive workshop.

January 27 2015

We have released a new website for our New York Clinic focusing on weight loss treatment.
Soon, all our sites will benefit from an updated design.

December 18 2014

Eva Krutmeijer, Board Member, following company holiday party:

"A place where one is noticed and appreciated by management and colleagues. A place where one goes the extra mile. The team spirit and enthusiasm on display yesterday makes it clear for me why this company is showing such strong results."

Happy Holidays from us at Mando!

November 12 2014

Mandometer at MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine.
You will find us at Business Sweden, Hall 01/D18. Welcome!
Visit our event page 

October 10 2014

Mando is proud to be a part of the EU-project SPLENDID together with expert scientists and engineers from five European countries.
We are developing a personalised guidance system that can monitor and guide young individuals to improve their eating and activity behaviour.

Read the SPLENDID newsletter  

To the SPLENDID website  

October 1 2014

The Mandometer device was featured in CBS New York.
"‘Eating Smart’ With High-Tech Utensils" 

August 26 2014

Great success when Cecilia Bergh presented Mandometer generation 5 at Digital Health Days 2014 in Stockholm.
Interview with Cecilia Bergh

August 18 2014

Many young women diet to avoid getting overweight, some lose control and develop anorexia. But hundreds of women have recovered by learning to eat normally, thereby resolving all of their problems. The new paper explains how eating behavior acts on the brain to restore the health of underweight women.

"Homeostasis in anorexia nervosa", pdf  

August 12 2014

Mando Group AB in The Wall Street Journal:
"Researchers are developing tools that count how much or how fast we eat", show pdf

July 10 2014

NYC staff participated in Mando Academy sessions chaired by Cecilia Bergh.

June 24 2014

AB Mando is awarded a contract with the Västra Götaland’s region in Sweden to treat patients with eating disorders.

April 24 2014

"Could these 'smart scales' cure anorexia? 75% of patients who used device were free of symptoms a year later."
Read article in Daily Mail UK

March 24 2014

Rethinking eating disorder treatment.
Listen to the show at TripleJHack 

March 20 2014

Stefan Löfven, leader of the Social Democratic Party in Sweden visited our Clinic in Stockholm
on March 19.

March 15 2014

Deborah Cardile and Diane Insola from our
New York Clinic presented Mandolean at Diabetes EXPO in NYC.

March 12 2014

Our research results continue to attract media attention in Australia.
See for example this recent article in The Telegraph  

March 08 2014

For years Hayley struggled with an eating disorder.
Watch SBS's report to find out more   

March 05 2014

Eating diorder research.
Listen to Cecilia Bergh, Per Södersten
and Maxine - a Mandometer patient
interviewed by ABC News Australia. Archive  

February 21 2014

Cecilia Bergh is interviewed by "Bosnisk Post"
Show pdf 

January 17 2014

APA Journals has done a Spotlight Article entitled "Recovery From Eating Disorders: Expanded Evidence From a New Treatment  covering our recently published groundbreaking study "Effective Treatment of Eating Disorders: Results at Multiple Sites”
APA Journals' facebook page  

Karolinska Institutet is also highlighting the publication  

Read the article  

December 18 2013

Mandometer Clinic has Breakthrough in Treating Anorexia and Bulimia. The Mandometer Clinic announces the publication in the American Psychological Associations’ journal Behavioral Neuroscience, its groundbreaking study on Effective Treatment of Eating Disorders: Results at Multiple Sites.

Show Press release (pdf)  
Read Article (  
Our newsroom (  

December 07 2013

On 26 November, Jan Ståhlemark, CEO of Mandometer AB, got all excited! Mandometer was awarded a 1 million SEK research grant from VINNOVA, Sweden´s Innovation Agency, to make Mandometer available to obese patients in primary care. The clinical Staff at Mando Group has already shown that it works.

November 12 2013

Mando Group AB´s regular and appreciated course: Mando Academy started on Monday, 11 November. The neural engagement in eating and body weight regulation is followed by Mandometer theory and treatment, including clinical demonstrations and practical applications. The lectures are interactive; the teachers enjoy being interrupted by almost any question. And the students enjoy being certified after the course!

November 8 2013

Mando Group Staff celebrated that the Medical Product Agency of Sweden has registered Mandometer as a medical device. Mandometer has already been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of eating disorders. Clearing a new medical device is the time consuming first step in making it possible for all in need to use the device.

October 16 2013

Ioannis Ioakimidis met his new research colleagues from Greece, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands to start SPLENDID, the big research grant that he won in competition with more than 250 European researchers. The project started with two days of planning in Thessaloniki and aims at preventing body weight problems by developing mobile technologies for personalized behavioral health.

September 9 2013

Mando Group AB välkomnas som medlem i Karolinska Institutet Science Park.

Read more at:

June 25 2013

EU-grant for prevention of over- and underweight.
In fierce competition, Ioannis Ioakimidis, of Mando Group AB, has been awarded an EU-grant together with researchers in Greece and Holland and electronic engineers in Switzerland and Spain to develop methods for continuously monitoring eating behaviour and physical activity in children and adults. The grant aims at preventing people from becoming over- or underweight.

April 2 2013

Cecilia Bergh was invited to talk at the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

January 24 2013

Current ad in NY Daily News

November 22 2012

Jennie Sjöberg from the Mandometer Clinic in Alingsås speaks about eating disorders.
Time: Dec 6, 6-8 PM
Place: Floda, Sweden

Show invitation

November 12 2012

Cecilia Bergh is one of the speakers at the Global Forum 2012 - Shaping A Connected Digital Future,
in Stockholm.
November 12-13.

Read more at:

October 26 2012

School children at risk of losing control over body weight.
Mandometer researchers examined how 11-13 year old children eat their school lunch. Although the lunch break is 45 minutes long, the children have so little time to eat their lunch that they eat almost twice as quickly as they would normally do. The shortage of time makes children eat in a manner similar to that of obese patients and patients with eating disorders. The school lunch must be scheduled to allow the children time enough to eat their lunch in a relaxed manner, or they might lose control and develop health problems.

Open access to the paper:
"Children eat their school lunch too quickly: an exploratory study of the effect on food intake." BMC Public Health

October 26 2012

Annie Lööf, Swedish Minister for Enterprise,
and her advisors Andres Strömberg and
Hans Dahlgren visited Mando Group AB on October 24.

Mandometer methods for control of body weight and their scientific basis were reviewed and the Minister met with healthy people who had been treated with Mandometer. The Minister herself also got the chance to eat using Mandometer!

October 22 2012

Swedish Minister for Enterprise,
Annie Lööf will visit Mando Group in Sweden.

October 24, 2012, 10.30 a.m.
Photo Credit: Kristian Pohl

October 18 2012

10 year anniversary at Mando!
In October 10 years ago, an in-patient ward was launched at Mando, all patients can now be treated, including the most severely ill. Mandometer treatment starts already at the in-patient ward with criteria for how patients shall improve before they continue as out-patients. The treatment has improved, the patients do not need to be tube fed and ineffective drugs are gradually removed.

September 3 2012

Filippa Reinfeldt, Catarina Andersson-Forsman, Torbjörn Rosdahl and Hans-Erik Malmros of Stockholms City Council visited Mando Group NY.

They were provided with an overview of the Mandometer Treatment and of a review of the possibilities for export of Swedish medical services to the US.

August 27 2012

Stockholm County Commissioner of Health Care,
Ms Filippa Reinfeldt and colleagues will visit
Mando Group NY.

September 3, 2012, 2:p.m.
Show program; "A Safe Alternative to Surgery for Obese Adults and Children"

July 5 2012

Mandometer researcher participated at 2nd International Conference on Food Oral Processing - Physics, Physiology, and Psychology of Eating. 1-5 July 2012. Beaune, France.

There was a considerable amount of interest in Mandometer methodology and many contact were taken with researcher at the nearby Institute du Gout in Dijon, the biggest laboratory for food research in Europe.

June 29 2012

Radio Sweden broadcasted an interview with Josefine who says she would not have been alive today without the help of the Mandometer Clinic.

June 19 2012

Cecilia Bergh was invited to talk at the Employers Group of the European Economic and Social Committee thematic meeting on cooperation in the Baltic Sea region entitled "The Baltic Sea Region and Business, a Model for European Macro Regions?" on 14th-15th June 2012.

June 12 2012

Cecilia Bergh was one of six speakers when Vinnova together with Samhällsförlaget launched the book "Forskning - till vilken nytta" ("Research - to what use"). Her talk was entitled "Vad ska vi med forskning till?" ("What do we need research for?").
Watch her talk at

May 25 2012

The swedish magazine "Veckans Affärer" lists Mando Group as one of "Sweden's 50 new superstars".

May 21 2012

Mandometer Researchers solved the Obesity Problem
While it is easy to lose some weight, it is virtually impossible to keep it off. Australian researchers (1) have figured out why. Obese patients dieted for eight weeks and, as expected, they lost some weight. At the same time, however, ghrelin, a hunger hormone, increased and PYY, a satiety hormone, increased in their blood. These hormonal changes persisted over more than a year and this is why people who are on a diet feel hungry all the time. To prevent obesity, these hormonal changes should be targeted, suggested the Australians.

Mandometer researchers (2) solved the problem because the hormonal changes that put you at risk are prevented if patients learn to eat using Mandometer.
Using Mandometer is easy and has no unwanted side effects. Quite the opposite, you regain control over your hormones and lose weight without feeling hungry!

1. Sumithran P, Prendergast LA, Delbridge E, Purcell K, Shulkes A, Kriketos A, Proietto J. Long-term persistence of hormonal adaptations to weight loss. N Engl J Med 2011;365:1597-604.
2. Galhardo J, Hunt LP, Lightman SL, Sabin MA, Bergh C, Södersten P, Shield JP. Normalizing eating behavior reduces body weight and improves gastrointestinal hormonal secretion in obese adolescents. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2012;97:E193-201.

Dressed up!

May 18 2012

Mandometer Researcher at Dutch Doctoral Thesis Defense
Per Södersten, director of R&D at Mando Group, was one of the opponents at a PhD thesis defense at Wageningen University in Holland on May 2. The thesis explores how the characteristics of food affect the way you eat and the findings may contribute to a solving the obesity problem. The defense of a doctoral thesis is more of a festivity in Holland than it is in Sweden.

April 12 2012

Visiting Bristol on 26-30 March, Mando Staff taught nurses how to use Mandometer to manage obese children and their family in the comprehensive study which starts shortly. A large group of enthusiastic researchers, including a dietician, an economist, medical doctors, psychologists, and a statistician, is engaged. The study aims at implementing Mandometer in primary care.
Show pdf

Mars 12 2012

Dr. Cecilia – an example of translational research – is described in the latest issue of Swedish VinnovaNytt.
Show pdf

Februari 29 2012

"Stop! You are eating too fast!"
Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet writes about both our method and Mary Stahl-Brolén who is a patient at the Mandolean Clinic.
Show pdf

Januari 18 2012

"Research, enterprise and success"
Cecilia Bergh is interviewed by Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

Januari 4 2012

Our work with obese children and their families is generating media attention.
Show the cartoon published in DailyMail
Read the newspaper articles in our Media archive

December 29 2011

H.R.H. Prince Daniel's visit to our New York clinic is featured in Svt's program entitled "The year with the Royal Family".
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December 26 2011

A news editorial about our obesity treatment was aired on Swedish Tv4 News.
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November 29 2011

Per Södersten will lecture at the Läkartidningen symposium on
Obesity treatments.
Sophiahemmet, Stockholm.
Wednesday December 7 at 5.30 p.m.
More information and registration

November 13 2011

Cecilia Bergh is invited to talk at the Medeon Life Science seminar in Malmö.
Her talk is entitled "You are not what you eat, but how you eat"
Tuesday November 15 at 4 p.m.

November 11 2011

Per Södersten guest lectures at Scandinavia’s largest health fair.
November 11 at 6 p.m.
Show program

November 1 2011

H.R.H. Prince Daniel, visits Mando Group and Lenox Hill in New York.
1 November 2011, 2.30 p.m.

Show program
See more pictures at our Facebook page

October 7 2011

Ioannis Ioakeimidis defends his doctoral thesis "Eating, Chewing and the Mind" Section of Applied Neuroendocrinology, Karolinska Institute.

October 6 2011

Record breaking attendance at this year’s science seminar at the Gothenburg Book Fair, where Mando participated.


September 20 2011

Tuesday 4 Oktober 4, 12.10 p.m. at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö.
Cecilia Bergh will take part in "Café Entrepreneur" at "Eget Företag", theleading Nordic exhibition for starting and developing new companies.

To entreprenö

Show ad(pdf)

September 7 2011

Mandometer® received the Healthcare Technology Acceleration Award in 2011 from the California HealthCare Foundation, Booz Allen Hamilton and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

In the picture, Professor Michael Leon,
UC Irvine.

August 30 2011

Sweden’s social minister Göran Hägglund and his State Secretary Karin Johansson visited the Mandometer Clinic in Stockholm.
They heard the patients’ own stories on getting healthy by learning how to eat and even experienced first hand eating using the Mandometer. Case Managers and researchers also provided information about the organisation and discussed with the Minister plans on how others could become healthy thanks to Mandometer.

August 2011

Mando will take part in the science section of the Göteborg Book Fair.
September 24, 15.35.


August 2011

An article about the Mandometer Clinics was published in the newspaper Alingsås Tidning.

Show pdf

August 2011

A prize for scientific merit of a project given by the European Society of Paediatric Endocrinology has been given to professor Julian Shields for Mandometer Treatment. In 2008 he was awarded by BUPA for best clinical trial (Mandometer).

June 2011

Per Södersten was presidential keynote speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology on June 23-26 in Queretaro, Mexico.
His talk was entitled: "Translating behavioral neuroendocrinology into clinical practise and explained the scientific basis for Mandometer treatment of underweight and overweight patients."

January 29 2011

Cecilia Bergh is interviewed in the online magazine E24.
Show pdf

January 2011

An article with professor Per Södersten is published in SIL - Skandinavisk sjukvårdsinformation.
Show pdf

October 13 2010

We celebrate our Grand Opening of the
new clinic in New York City with special guests and members of the Stockholm headquarters.

October 13 2010

NY1 health and fitness reporter Kafi Drexel visits our Manhattan facility.
Watch the news report here

September 17 2010

Cecilia Bergh, CEO of Mando Group, was interviewed in the Swedish newspaper "Entreprenör".
Show pdf

June 2010

BBC aired an editorial about our treatment.

The segment is available in
our Media archive

January 17 2010

Our treatment is getting attention in Swedish media.

Professor Per Södersten and a patient, in an interview aired on Swedish radio, P4 Extra Söndag. (Only in Swedish)
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Watch a news editorial about the Mandolean® method, aired on Swedish TV, Rapport. (Only in Swedish)
Go to Svt Play
(opens in new window)

January 06 2010

British Medical Journal Reports Innovative Swedish Program For Treating Childhood Obesity; Program for Control of Body Weight Opens in New York in April
New York, N.Y., Jan. 6, 2010 – The British Medical Journal released today a report on a study conducted in Bristol, United Kingdom, that found that a breakthrough Swedish program using a computerized device called "Mandometer®" was significantly more successful than standard treatment at helping obese children and adolescents lose weight, reduce meal size and decrease their body fat.
Show news release

Show Article(pdf)

Read Article at

Read the teaser in the printed version(pdf)

August 07 2009
Cecilia Bergh, CEO,
in the newspaper
Dagens Industri

June 11 2009
Mando Group in the newspaper
Dagens Industri 

June 04 2009
Modjtaba Zandian defends his doctoral thesis "You are how you eat"
Section of Applied Neuroendocrinology, Karolinska Institute.

January 30 2009
Cover Article in Physiology and Behavior

Show pdf

March 28 2008
Successful eating disorder treatment – now also for overweight
Welcome to a seminar at the Mandometer clinic in Huddinge on the occasion of Australia's Health Minister, Lisa Neville's visit at the Karolinska Institutet when she will discuss the possibilities of extending the treatment of over- and underweight in Australia.
Time: Tuesday 1, april, 12.30-16.00
Place: Mandometerkliniken, Novum forskningspark,

Newspaper articles, Media archive

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