The Bristol Study

The Mandolean® method has been tried out in a pilot study of eight children and youths with severe obesity (BMI > 40 kg/m²) at the institution of pediatric endocrinology, Children´s Hospital, University of Bristol, England. The average BMI SDS (Body Mass Index Standard Deviation Score, is used for growing children and youths as you take into account that their height increases) diminished (Figure 1).
The patients claimed that "they don't experience that they are dieting or are hungry" and that they have "stopped eating snacks" between meals."The SatietyMeter® stops me from thinking that I must eat" is a comment that we have often heard. The patients eating rate diminishes and they experience satiety at an earlier stage of the meal than before the treatment started. They also feel more self-confidence, meet friends, watch TV less and have increased their physical activity (Figure 2).
Figure 1; Body Mass Index Standard Deviation Score (BMI SDS) before and after treatment.
Figure 2; Change in food intake, eating rate and physical activity before and after treatment in eight patients.

A randomized controlled trial which compares Mandolean® treatment with "treatment as usual" has been performed in Bristol since 2004 and will be concluded in 2008. 120 children and youths with severe obesity participate in the study.

Binge-Eating Syndrome

Of the people with severe overweight or obesity approximately 15-20 % fulfils the criteria for BED (Binge-Eating Disorder) or Binge-Eating Syndrome. It means that you eat large quantities of food and can't stop even though you would like to. The difference between a bulimic patient and a BED-patient is that a BED-patient doesn't throw up the food after a meal. Eleven BED- patients went through Mandolean® treatment during 9 months. At the same time as they went in remission or became symptom-free, they also lost weight, about 10 kg on average. The patients have been followed up for two years and shall be followed up for another three years. Figure 3 shows that the BED-symptoms and depression disappears when you learn how to eat and feel satiety and as a bonus one loses weight.

Figur 3. BMI och BED-symptom before treatment (Adm, admission) and when free of symptoms (Rem, remission).

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A patient before and after 12 months Mandolean® treatment.