The Board of Mando Group AB

Stefan Stern,

Board Chairman

Stefan Stern is board member and advisor, he operates through his own company Stefan Stern Advisory AB. Stefan is Senior Advisor at family controlled Nordstjernan and Wallenberg Foundations AB.
During the last five years Stefan has been
Head of Communications, Public Affairs and Sustainability at Investor AB. Before assignments for Swedish companies he worked for Swedish governments, including as a state secretary.

Cecilia Bergh,

Board Member and


Cecilia Bergh is a PhD and one of Mandolean AB’s founders. She has built up the company together with Per Södersten following many years of research concerning eating behaviour and satiety at the Karolinska Institutet.

Björn Meister,

Board Member

Björn Meister, MD and PhD, is a professor at the Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet. His research is focused on brain control of food intake and body weight.

Lars Tööj,

Board Member

Lars Tööj is a M.Sc.M.E. and is working with development of companies. He has experience from industrial operations such as management, business development, major industrial projects, marketing, product and production development as well as manufacturing.

Per Södersten,

Board Member

Per Södersten is one of Mandolean AB’s founders. He is a professor at the Karolinska Institutet and at the same time head of Research & Devlopment at AB Mando and Mandolean AB.

Robert Harju-Jeanty,

Board Member

Robert Harju-Jeanty is CEO at the consultancy firm Medical Lead Nordic AB. He has 30 years of experience of the healthcare industry in leading positions. He has also been board member in several companies in the sector. He is biochemist and economist and has competence in business development.